Video Services

A full service creative video
production comapny


We are a full-service creative video production company based in NYC. We create and edit music videos, virtual events, corporate videos, entertainment projects, and more.

  • Video Editing
  • Video Color Grading with sky replacement if needed
  • Video Transition (zoom in zoom out, shake on the beat, glitches etc)
  • Video Transition along with editing and grading
  • Total cost of the video including editing, grading, effects and visual effects
  • Video VFX (Drawing, Visual Effects)
  • Swipe and Instagram post Coming Soon and Out Now
  • Poster – design and creation artwork (iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube thumb)
  • Motion poster (cover art with motion – Full HD)
  • Motion poster insta resolution+story Resolution
  • Motion poster with all the resolution
  • Lyrical Video
  • Poster (client will provide cover) + Audio video
  • Poster (if we design the cover) + Audio video
  • Chroma (green edit)+ Edit



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